Comic 10 - Call to Action

16th Jul 2014, 11:00 AM in Weirdo-Freak Issue #1
Call to Action
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Author Notes:

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(This comic was drawn by an 11-year-old D.F. French in November of 1986. You can see a more recent example of Mr. French’s work here.)

Keep in mind the circumstances under which this comic was drawn. Young D.F. French was sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of loose leaf wide-ruled notebook paper and a green pen. He wanted to draw a comic but had no ideas. He called me, and I dismissively said, "I don't know, draw a comic called Weirdo-Freak or something." Young D.F. set out to do just that, possibly because he found the name inspiring, or more likely because he wanted to prove to me that he could.

Young D.F.'s goal, then, was to finish drawing the comic that night, so he could show it to me at school the next morning. That's the way we worked. On this page we see the first signs that it's getting late and D.F. will have to go to bed soon. Previous pages have 5-6 panels, but this one only has 4, including the tiny little inset panel of Triangle. That fourth panel takes up almost half the page.

He's got to get the comic done soon, but the art isn't really suffering yet--notice the sunglasses flying off Weirdo-Freak in the first panel. That's a nice touch.